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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the song in Balan Wonderworld?

Wonderworld is a musical number in Balan Wonderworld, and appears as a track in the BALAN WONDERWORLD Original Soundtrack. It is heard after the player ( Leo or Emma) defeats the final boss, Shadow Lance. It has a Balanese and English version. It is sung by Laura Pitt-Pulford and George Blagden on lead vocals.

What kind of music is in Wonderworld?

Discover the wondrous music from Wonderworld! The music of BALAN WONDERWORLD, themed around a mysterious musical theater, is expressed also like a musical. This Original Soundtrack alternates positive and negative to colorize the twelve different tales in Wonderworld.

How old is Balan in the novel?

We can also see Balan being able to summon wooden doors much like the entrance to the Balan Theatre, the portal between Wonderworld and reality, at will- both in the opening and final cutscenes. In the novel, it is revealed that Balan is around 3000 years old.

What is Balan's costume in Wonderworld?

A hatless Balan watches as Lance walks off into Wonderworld. Concept art of what would become Balan, Leo, Emma, the Tims, and presumably the Lucky Egg and Chrono Bunny costumes. The cat-like creature may have been scrapped or turned into a different costume later on in development.

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