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Frequently Asked Questions

What is B6 good for?

Vitamin B6 is important for many things, including proper brain development and function, a healthy nervous system and a strong immune system. The vitamin assists by helping to make the hemoglobin that carries oxygen in red blood cells and helping to make antibodies that then fight diseases.

Is B6 harmful?

Although generally considered safe at recommended levels, very high intakes of vitamin B6 from supplements or pharmaceutical products can be dangerous. Use caution with your dosage of vitamin B6 as symptoms of toxicity can range from minor skin reactions to severe neurological damage.

What causes elevated B6 levels?

Elevated B6 levels and peripheral neuropathies. The most common symptoms reported were numbness (96%), burning pain (49.9%), tingling (57.7%), balance difficulties (30.7%), and weakness (7.8%). Nine (out of 26) had an abnormal EMG/NCS. Eight patients had an abnormal quantitative sensory study.

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