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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to fight prejudice?

1 Gaining public support and awareness for anti-prejudice social norms 2 Increasing contact with members of other social groups 3 Making people aware of the inconsistencies in their own beliefs 4 Passing laws and regulations that require fair and equal treatment for all groups of people

What is prejudice?

While specific definitions of prejudice given by social scientists often differ, most agree that it involves prejudgments that are usually negative about members of a group. When people hold prejudicial attitudes toward others, they tend to view everyone who fits into a certain group as being "all the same."

What are the five levels of prejudice?

Using contemporary American or world history, cite an example of each of the five escalating levels of prejudice presented by psychologist Gordon Allport in his book The Nature of Prejudice: 1) Spoken Abuse, 2) Avoidance, 3) Discrimination (Legalized Racism), 4) Physical Attack, and 5) Extermination.

What causes prejudice against people with mental illness?

Study 1 identified four factors underlying prejudice towards people with mental illness: fear/avoidance, malevolence, authoritarianism, and unpredictability. It also confirmed the nomological network, that is, the links of these attitudes with the proposed theoretical antecedents and consequences.

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