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Frequently Asked Questions

Is conflict avoidance a psychological problem?

If this is a chronic occurrence, your friend - or you - may actually be conflict-avoidant, a psychological designation for people who strive to get away from fights of any kind at all costs. The thing about conflict avoidance is that, in small doses, it's actually a perfectly reasonable reaction.

How can conflict avoidance harm relationships?

Conflict avoidance robs you of richness in relationships that can foster personal growth in both of you. We don't grow by staying inside of ourselves, we grow by taking in new information and seeing different points of view. In contrast, by avoiding conflict you learn to diminish yourself.

Why do people avoid conflict?

It is understandable that people sometimes avoid conflict because they do not want to hurt others or cause relationship problems. In the short term, they may feel relieved because they do not have to face the other person. However, people often admit that this usually does not solve their problem.

Do you avoid conflict at all costs?

The truth is though, because it's a natural, and even an inevitable, part of professional and personal relationships, avoiding conflict often comes at a higher cost than most of us are prepared to pay. Conflict in the workplace arises from the differences in opinions, ideas, and perceptions that are exchanged each and every day.

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