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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you avoid committing mistakes?

How do I avoid mistakes at work? Do a gut check When you begin a task at work, you probably have a gut feeling about how important it is. ... Write a checklist, go through it, then take a break to revisit your work This part's super easy - you just need a piece of scrap paper. ... Ask yourself and your organization if you're working efficiently

How can I avoid preventable mistakes?

Stop trying to multitask Use a task tracker Always clarify all your doubts Avoid all kinds of distractions Try automating your task workflows Review your work Get a second set of eyes Stop procrastinating Get refreshed with a mental pause by taking breaks

What to do when employee keeps making mistakes?

Talk to employees individually about the mistakes that they are making. Familiarize them with the proper procedures so that they won't make as many mistakes. Drawing an employee's attention to a better way to do things is often all it takes to help him do his job better. 4. Place mistake-prone employees with a mentor.

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