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Frequently Asked Questions

Are men the only ones avoiding marriage?

I completely agree, men are the ones avoiding marriage. The men are fleeing in droves. exactly. far too many men have already paid the price for getting married to a woman they thought they could trust, only to find out that she was simply wearing the mask of the "trustworthy human being." turns out, there's a monster underneath.

How do women avoid trapping men into hellish marriages?

With any luck, millions of women will avoid trapping men into hellish marriages and stealing their money, assets and children in divorce court. All that women do is get married to the government and use government husband to abuse men. Good riddance.

Is not getting married at all a good idea?

"Not getting married at all could prove tragic," said Keane, reviewing the economic and social benefits of marriage in the column Millennials, Reject Timely Marriage at Your Own Risk.

Is marital marriage an economic disaster for men?

Marriage is an economic disaster for men – not only in divorce, alimony and child support, but also in a happy marriage. Women rarely deign to marry impoverished men, or even men who earn less than they do.

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