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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you replace a sunroof seal?

How to Replace a Sunroof Seal. Clean off old seal adhesive residue with a gentle cleanser so as not to strip paint. Make a mark at the halfway point in the back of the sunroof cutout with a permanent marker. Start applying the new sunroof seal at this mark. Peel a bit of the backing tape off, press it at the halfway mark,...

Can I seal up my sunroof?

With a few items from the hardware store, you will have all the materials you need to seal your car's sunroof permanently. You will create a waterproof seal using silicone that will be resistant to sunlight. Keep in mind that once you seal your sunroof, you will not be able to open it again without scraping off the silicone.

Do sunroofs always leak?

False . Some sunroofs do indeed leak. However, good quality sunroofs do not. There is a big difference in quality and performance between premium sunroofs and cheaper sunroofs. The differences are primarily in the seals and hinge/handle hardware.

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