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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do before an audition?

Steps Do not drink or eat any dairy products for 24 hours, especially in the few hours before the audition. Take lots of vitamin C in the days leading up to the audition. Talk an adequate amount the day of the auditions to get proper articulation. you may want to take a few deep breaths from your diaphragm throughout the day. Drink water regularly.

How do I prepare for an audition?

20 tips how to prepare for a singing audition Be prepared! Be in good voice. Know the Show. Always give yourself plenty of time to learn your audition material. Never sing a Capella. Have properly prepared sheet music. Enter the audition with confidence – first impressions are key here. Don’t apologise. Dress for an audition in a smart/casual way.

What to expect at auditions?

What to expect at audition. Most auditions will last approximately 20 minutes, but some specialisms have longer audition processes. Remember to bring anything needed for your instrument, if applicable. Examples include spike grips for cellos, mutes for brass instruments and sticks for percussionists.

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