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Frequently Asked Questions

Did the Atlanta Braves have a successful season?

From 1991 until 2005 the Braves were one of the most successful franchises in baseball, winning fourteen consecutive division titles (omitting the strike-shortened 1994 season in which there were no official division champions) and five National League pennants.

Where did the Atlanta Braves win the World Series?

Since their debut in the National League in 1876, the franchise has won 17 divisional titles, 17 National League pennants, and three World Series championships-in 1914 as the Boston Braves, in 1957 as the Milwaukee Braves, and in 1995 in Atlanta.

What is the Atlanta Braves record?

Hank Aaron, the holder of ten franchise records for the Braves. The Atlanta Braves are a Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise based in Atlanta. The Braves formed in 1876 as the Boston Red Stockings. After moving to Milwaukee for 12 years, the Braves relocated to Atlanta in 1966.

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