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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Atlanta Braves game?

The Atlanta Braves' first-ever game was played at home, at Atlanta–Fulton County Stadium, on Tuesday, April 12, 1966, against the Pittsburgh Pirates before 50,671 fans.

Did the Atlanta Braves have a successful season?

From 1991 until 2005 the Braves were one of the most successful franchises in baseball, winning fourteen consecutive division titles (omitting the strike-shortened 1994 season in which there were no official division champions) and five National League pennants.

Did the Braves win last night?

The Braves went on to win last night, 6-2, to take a 1-0 series lead on the road. The loss of Morton is a big one. He went 14-6 this year, his first with the Braves, and has some of the nastiest stuff in the league.

What time do the Braves play?

What time do the Atlanta braves play today. Atlanta Braves match today vs. Milwaukee Brewers starts at 7:10 PM ET and will take place at Turner Field.

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