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Frequently Asked Questions

What's tested on the ATI TEAS?

The ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI TEAS®) measures basic essential skills in reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage. These are the areas health educators have deemed most appropriate and relevant for measuring the academic readiness of those applying to health science programs.

What is a Level 3 on ATI?

Level 3 is the highest proficiency level and Level 1 is the lowest proficiency level. The ATI Proficiency Levels are as follows: Level 1 means that the student should meet the minimum requirements in their knowledge level, performance expectation, competency level, and NCLEX standards.

What is the ATI exam?

The ATI TEAS Exam is one of the exams that ATI offers to prepare students for nursing school. The TEAS exam also helps nursing school administrators and professors to enhance their current nursing programs.

What is ATI testing for nurses?

ATI Testing is an assessment tool that nursing programs use to identify the strengths as weaknesses of their students so that they can eventually take the NCLEX examinations. Nursing programs use the tools provided to offer feedback to their nursing students throughout their nursing education.

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