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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Arturia do?

Between their audio interfaces, MIDI controllers, drum machines, hardware synthesizers, and extensive award-winning software titles, Arturia is all about exploring sound and making music. Here’s a small sampling of the artists using Arturia gear to create music.

What is Arturia V-collection 7?

Since 2003 Arturia has been perfecting DSP modeling of legendary analog synthesizers. Now embodied in the current V-Collection 7 library of DSP instruments, these award-winning sounds are an essential tool in every musician’s music production tool kit.

What is Arturia's Analog Lab?

Arturia's Analog Lab is a collection of presets of these synths with limited sound modeling available, and comes bundled with many of their Keyboard Midi controllers, including the KeyLab MkII and KeyLab Essential series.

What kind of synthesizers does Arturia make?

The company's product line includes software synthesizers, software bundles, hardware synthesizers, MIDI keyboards and sequencers, mobile apps, and other audio equipment and controllers. In December 2018, Arturia released their very first original software synthesizer called Arturia Pigments.

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