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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do arena points last in Fortnite?

This time around, Arena Points were carried over from Chapter Two, Season Five to Season Six – but they won't last forever. Fortnite maker Epic Games has stated that points will reset on March 23, 2021, after what the developer calls its "competitive preseason".

What is the difference between arena points and hype points?

Arena Points reset to ensure players start each season on a level playing field. Plunging everyone back to zero Hype ensure that all players start from the bottom and have to work their way up, regardless of skill.

What are arena points and how do you earn them?

What are Arena Points? Arena Points are earned by playing in competitive Arena playlists. According to the Epic Games website: "Hype is earned by playing in Arena playlists and top earners are shown on the Leaderboard. "The more Hype you earn, the further you progress in the Arena divisions and leagues.

What are hype points in Fortnite season 6?

Fortnite Season 6 is also filled with new strategies and methods players could use to gain points. Still, people like Marzz_OW are professionals, who will do whatever it takes to keep their positions in Fortnite's Arena mode. Hype Points are a double-edged sword however.

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