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Frequently Asked Questions

What is arena of Valor?

Arena of Valor, brought to you by Level Infinite and TiMi Studio Group, is the ultimate real-time 5v5 MOBA experience! Join your friends, create a guild, and master over 100 unique heroes from internationally acclaimed franchises. The future of mobile MOBAs has arrived.

Is arena of Valor coming to Nintendo Switch?

In Japan, DeNA cooperated with Tencent to launch Arena of Valor on November 30, 2018. Nintendo announced a deal with Tencent to bring Arena of Valor to the Nintendo Switch for international markets, as well as forming partnership to ships Nintendo Switch console into China.

Who are the developers of Valor?

Arena of Valor Developer (s) TiMi J6 Studio Publisher (s) Tencent Garena Netmarble DeNA Composer (s) Jeff Broadbent Hans Zimmer Matthew Carl ... Engine Unity 5 more rows ...

What language is spoken in arena of Valor?

Arena of Valor also features The Veda language, a constructed fictional language along with its polypersonal, including Afata (eponimous language), Gandal (impure language), and G'vunna ( Zudǝllǝ g’Vunnǝ, "language from the abyss") for different characters from differrent factions.

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