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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vava a title 5 or Title 38?

VA employees come under the authority of either Title 5 personnel or Title 38 personnel systems. Occasionally, they fall under both in a hybrid manner. Jurisdiction depends on the title or nature of the specific position. Title 5 is for non-medical federal personnel.

What are the laws and regulations for Veterans Affairs (VA) personnel?

There are unique sets of federal laws and regulations surrounding Veterans Affairs (VA) personnel, such as wage and hour matters, leave, discrimination, and disciplinary actions. Two common categories that VA employees fall under include Title 38, Title 5, and Hybrid 38.

What is a Title 38 employer?

What Is Title 38? Employees under Title 38 don’t have the same typical rights as federal employees. Title 38 employees are medical or health care providers who work at Veteran Affairs or the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This means that Title 38 is given to employees in specific professions.

What happened to Title 38 union reps at VA?

In April 2019, then VA Secretary Robert Wilkie prohibited these employees from using official time to represent and defend their coworkers. As a result, Title 38 union reps have been forced to take leave and work off the clock to perform their duties for more than two years.

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