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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of architectural?

The Purpose of Architecture: “The purpose of Architecture is to improve human life. Create timeless, free, joyous spaces for all activities in life. The infinite variety of these spaces can be as varied as life itself and they must be as sensible as nature in deriving from a main idea and flowering into a beautiful entity.

What is a designer vs. an architect?

Do You Need an Architect or a Designer? About Architects. Architects are trained in design theory, engineering, and project management. ... Dealing with Architects. Usually homeowners will hire an architect before the contractor is involved. ... About Designers. ... Dealing with Designers. ... Hiring an Architect or Designer. ... Other Design Professionals. ...

What are architectural principles?

Architecture Principle Definition. What are architecture principles? Architecture Principles are the principles of concepts that are part of an architecture (total concept) of a structure. Architecture Principles are about the enforced way the concepts, that are part of the architecture of a structure, work, producing results.

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