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Frequently Asked Questions

What is buybookscouter?

BookScouter is a go-to solution for users who want to sell and buy used or new textbooks at a competitive price. The buyback mobile app compares prices on 30+ vendors and finds the best deals on books.

How do I use the book price comparison app?

The book price comparison app is an easy-to-use tool that helps you sell and buy textbooks quickly and at the best price: - Scan the textbook's ISBN barcode using your phone's camera or type the ISBN in manually - Compare real-time price quotes from over 30 vendors for textbooks you want to buy or sell

What is the best app for flipping used books?

If you want to get serious about flipping used books, ScoutIQ is the go-to app to quickly get up-to-date price information. This is a paid app (after 14-day free trial), but you can punch in your own custom filters to speed up your ISBN-scanning process.

What are the best apps to track your spending habits?

I got Groupon (currently worth about $42), but apparently Microsoft, VISA, and Johnson & Johnson are options. The first category you’ll want to be aware of is cash back apps. Many of these will basically give you free money just by tracking the spending you’re already doing.

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