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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a white board?

To make your own white board, start by finding or purchasing a thin, durable, and smooth piece of aluminum or fiberboard to use as your base. Then, use a can of spray paint to paint the material white and apply a second coat of white paint after the first coat has dried.

What is the best Whiteboard app?

RealtimeBoard is the best whiteboard collaboration app found in the market. You can avail this without any charge with some features or you could improve to the services for higher optimal experience. It is available with additional collaborative features which surpass most of the challenges experienced by normal whiteboards.

What is a Whiteboard app?

Whiteboards make it easy to express your ideas, collaborate on designs, and teach people new concepts. Sometimes, they just provide a handy place for people to dump their thoughts in a shared area. Microsoft Whiteboard is a free app intended to re-create this experience. Nothing beats the real thing, of course.

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