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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does aphmau live?

Aphmau Wiki-Style Bio ' in the year 2012, 13th August getting help from her friends Chris, Cole, Calvin and her husband, Jason. Her hometown is Houston, Texas but she currently resides outside of Seattle. Born on 16th October 1989, she has established herself as a successful web star. What does Aphmau mean?

What happened to aphmau's channel?

Aphmau Stories [Inactive]: This channel was initially released as Aphmau Fantasy and has been inactive since 2017. But during 2020 it has been rebranded to Aphmau Stories. In the past it was known for posting only Minecraft Roleplay content. Jessica Bravura [Inactive]: This channel was Jessica’s vlogging channel and was created in 2015. Her last video was her third child pregnancy announcement in 2019.

What was aphmau's first video?

The first video to feature booth Aphmau and Stacy was during episode 35 of Mineclash, celebrating Graser's 100th episode of his Survival Challenges. Stacy and Aphmau were teamed together and needed to fill two double chests of different items to win the challenge.

When was aphmau born?

Aphmau (Real Name: Jessica Bravura, born October 16, 1989, Age: 31 years) is an American YouTuber Gamer, and Twitch Streamer from Houston, Texas, United States. She is one of the top gaming content creators on the YouTube platform with more than 10.5 million subscribers as of August 2021.

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