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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of pop up campers did Apache make? A portal site for Apache pop up camper enthusiasts. Models included the Buffalo, Chief, Cimmaron, Cub, Eagle, Falcon, Hawk, Mesa, Ramada, Ranger, Raven, Royal, Roamer, Scout and Yuma. Vesely company may be best known for its hard sided solid state pop-up campers made in the 70's and 80's.

What kind of Camper is the 2001 Apache warrior?

2001 APACHE WARRIOR 8.0 WINDOW POP-UP TRUCK CAMPER. This camper is in really great condition and equipped with some excellent features.

How long is an Apache hard side camper?

Main body is 13' (feet) long and the bed ends are each 4' (feet) making the total popped up length 21' (feet) long. These don't come up for sale every day and especially not in this condition. Usually the Apache hard side campers for sale need a lot of work and there aren't many to choose from for sale.

Does a 1978 Apache Yuma have a canvas cover?

These have no Canvas it has hard sides, 9 I have for sale a 1978 Apache Yuma, hard-sided pop up camper. I’ve had this camper for about 5 years. Everything works as it should.

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