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Frequently Asked Questions

Is anymore an adverb?

Anymore is an adverb that means a general amount of time, usually the present or near past. Usually it is used to say if an action or event still happens or exists. This construction is the preferred in the US, while outside the country the standard is to keep the two words separate, any more.

What does anymore mean?

anymore, any longer(adverb) at the present or from now on; usually used with a negative. "Alice doesn't live here anymore"; "the children promised not to quarrel any more".

Is anymore 1 word?

Anymore (one word) is reserved for the meaning any longer. In other words, when used as an adverb, the one-word spelling anymore is used.

What is the definition of anymore?

Definition of anymore. 1 : any longer I was not moving anymore with my feet— Anaïs Nin. 2 : at the present time : now, nowadays Hardly a day passes without rain anymore.

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