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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Anvil?

An anvil is a hard piece of metal which is used as a workbench when making things out of iron or steel.

What are anvils made of?

Traditionally, anvils were made hand forged, out of steel. It was a copious task. Later, a method where the anvil body was cast of wrought iron and the steel faceplate was forge welded on it was introduced. Nowadays, anvils are industrial steel castings.

What is the Horn of an anvil used for?

The horn of the anvil is a conical projection used to form various round shapes and is generally unhardened steel or iron. The horn is used mostly in bending operations. It also is used by some smiths as an aid in "drawing down" stock (making it longer and thinner).

What is an anvil head?

Anvil on Head. These large solid metal objects weigh a ton, are invariably dropped from great height and are used to crush heads, though hands, feet and rib cages sometimes create soft landing spots. They may drop without warning, or they may be heralded by the Shadow of Impending Doom and the Bomb Whistle.

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