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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Dhaka Bank?

By integrating experiential learning and offering a wide array of opportunities for co-op work placements in working with regional, national and international level, Dhaka Bank have shown a knack for generating real-world impacts. Dhaka Bank’s Annual Report of 2017 reflects its engaging eco-system.

What was the credit growth in Bangladesh in June 2018?

Private sector credit growth remained strong at 17.0 percent in June 2018, slightly above the target of 16.8 percent in FY18 but domestic credit growth reached 14.6 percent, well below the target of 15.8 percent. AB Bank Limited Directors’ Report Source: Bangladesh Bank staff Projection

How many assets does Arab Bangladesh Bank Foundation AB Bank have?

Auditors’ Report to the Shareholders of Arab Bangladesh Bank Foundation AB Bank |Annual Report 2018 | 245 ASSETS Non Current Assets 39,158,212 39,814,974 Property, Plant & Equipment 39,157,212 39,813,974 Investment at cost in equity share of ABIL 1,000 1,000 Current Assets 433,852,986 585,164,083

How many liabilities does Bangladesh's Banks and financial institutions have?

LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL Liabilities Borrowing from Bank & FIs' 9,895,362,230 117,942,339 12,792,565,600 154,686,404 In Bangladesh 9,895,362,230 117,942,339 11,520,471,150 139,304,367 Outside Bangladesh - - 1,272,094,450 15,382,037 Deposits and Other Accounts 13,016,543 155,144 14,167,846 171,316

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