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Frequently Asked Questions

Is animevibe Lite V3 ad-free?

AnimeVibe Lite v3 and it's completely ad-free as always. AnimeVibe Lite v3 is totally different from it's previous builds both in terms of Anime and UI (AnimeVibe Lite is a site not an app lol, just in case)... ✓ Added a proper and better looking UI (The previous versions didn't have much of skins and style).

What's new on animevibe?

The site has been migrated to a relatively much more powerful server and can handle requests quite well. Sorted Dubbed and Subbed Anime Category wise. So you can browse sub/dub exclusively. Changed a few layouts and design, like the anime information modal. AnimeVibe Lite is fixed. Added category filters to some more pages.

What is the difference between animevibe and animelite?

Lite Version 1 came out like 2 days ago. AnimeVibe Lite is faster and simpler version of AnimeVibe. It is basic HTML as of now and will be modified further. Latest episodes are first released on AnimeVibe Lite since it is run by my bot xD.

How to add anime sources to animevibe?

· 3 yr. ago On AnimeVibe website the sources/episodes are added manually. You can make an account, bookmark anime, etc.

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