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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between animevibe and anime Lite?

Whereas in lite (also a site, but more of an extension to AnimeVibe), latest episodes are indexed immediately as soon as they are released, and you can't make an account or bookmark, as the name says it's "Lite" so it has minimal design, and faster loading. There is an apk, you can check under extensions section on the site.

What is animevibe for Android?

Download the app and watch all the best episodes There are millions of anime and manga fans all over the world, and the number is increasing mainly thanks to the possibilities offered by apps of the likes of AnimeVibe for Android. In this app, we can watch hundreds of Japanese cartoon movies and series totally free of charge.

What happened to animevibe Lite?

AnimeVibe is currently down due to connection issues on the server side. Since Lite runs on a different server and is made mainly to work as a backup for when AnimeVibe goes offline due to unexpected turn of events, a situation like this. Sorry for the inconvenience caused, I am doing whatever I can in my power to bring back the main server.

What's new on animevibe?

The site has been migrated to a relatively much more powerful server and can handle requests quite well. Sorted Dubbed and Subbed Anime Category wise. So you can browse sub/dub exclusively. Changed a few layouts and design, like the anime information modal. AnimeVibe Lite is fixed. Added category filters to some more pages.

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