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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Inu x Boku SS season 1 end?

‘Inu X Boku SS’ season 1 premiered on January 13, 2012 and ended it run on March 30, 2012. This was then followed a special episode that was only released in Blu-ray and DVD formats on September 26, 2012. It cannot be denied that the anime did gain quite a lot of popularity soon after its release.

Where to stream Inu x Boku?

You can watch ‘Inu X Boku’ on Crunchyroll with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles. ‘Inu X Boku’ revolves around a young girl named Ririchiyo Shirakiin who has spent all her life being sheltered under the luxuries of her family.

Is ‘Inu x Boku SS’ good?

‘Inu X Boku SS’ is another one of your supernatural comedy anime shows that lacks a “story” per se. But who really watches these shows for a storyline anyway. If you want shows with deep storylines then it’s better to either go for the good mystery anime or the ones that come under the slice-of-life genre.

Who is the main character in Inu x Boku SS?

Inu X Boku SS Characters: Soushi Miketsukami. Soushi Miketsukami is the main male protagonist of the show who is the member of the secret service and is also a nine-tailed spirit fox. He is very calm and polite to everyone he talks to, with special soft for Ririchiyo because he really admires her.

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