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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Black Clover actually good?

Black Clover is terrible, it's like the shonen equivalent of The Room except it gets away with convincing people that it's good. The only thing Black Clover is good at is highlighting how by-the-numbers this style of series can get. Briefly touching on the technicals of this series, the voice acting is god awful.

Is Black Clover really a Naruto ripoff?

It's animation is above average and follows the typical zero to hero story line, not to say that isn't a good story line. Everyone used to hate Black Clover, now look at you, saying it's your favourite anime, you fake ass bitches. This is not a Naruto rip-off as Asta is not a ninja and actually has friends.

Is Black Clover really the "new king of Shonen"?

Black Clover is a really fun manga, but it has no right to the claim of King of Shonen, especially not when One Piece is still around. "many people posting here and everywhere else are enemies of the United State...

When do Black Clover episodes come out?

The first season of Black Clover premiered on October 3, 2017, and has been loved by the audiences. The latest season of the show, which consisted of episode 154 to 170 started airing on December 8, 2020, and wrapped up on March 30, 2021. It was announced in February this year, that the March 30 episode will mark the end of the fourth season.

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