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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best anime to watch after Banana Fish?

If you’re loco over the themes of spying and espionage, then this is the anime to watch! Just like Banana Fish, Joker Game isn’t as mundane as many other shows. It tackles a real-world subject through a realistic scope. Every episode of Joker Game is well-thought and thoroughly executed.

Why do you like Banana Fish and Nana?

Banana Fish and Nana are two of my favorite anime, so for starters, they both appeal to my set of values, whatever those may be exactly.

What exactly is Banana Fish?

In Banana Fish it's the mafia ordering everyone around, getting people in important government positions do what ever mafia wants and public are left in the dark. Sort of soft disclosure.

Should I watch Banana Fish or K?

Banana Fish is longer and better but K is also lit and sweet. Except for Banana Fish has no supernatural, both have the same core and messages. Of course, both are different in many ways. But I recommend both shows to you because I loved both theme and characters from my heart. Worth watching.

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