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Frequently Asked Questions

Is animeplyx'friendly'enough?

The business of belongs to a trendy Anime niche. We tried scrapping a short paragraph from their website to see if it was 'friendly' enough (see below): Watch or download anime in high definition, no ads too. We have the best shows there is and all of them are free and ready for you.

What is animixplay?

AniMixPlay devs aim to transit the site into an anime info & releases site, reducing the site popularity by opening DMCA requests. Danke adding his own part in this story.

Why does my website say “this account has been suspended”?

This is the most common reason web hosts suspend your website, and show you the “This account has been suspended” message. The fix is simple enough. Just make your payment and the site will be up and running in no time. We also recommend switching to an annual subscription, to avoid suspension hassles and missing reminders.

Why is my account suspended on PayPal?

Payment failure is a fairly common reason for suspension. To remove the suspension and “this account has been suspended website” notice, all you need to do is make the payment. But you do need to move fast to resolve payment issues.

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