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Frequently Asked Questions

Is fire force a good anime?

Overall, Fire Force is not an anime I hate or heavily dislike but doesn’t suit my taste. I was hoping for more action and well thought out fight scenes, but instead I got two second fights and no explanation or too much explanation. This is definitely a “beginner” type anime.

What is the fire force?

The Fire Force is a group of people in charge of putting these Infernals to rest, before they cause any heavy damage and put the lives of others at risk as well as to free them from the agonising pain of the flames.

Is Fire Force worth watching?

Most people when they search up a new action/shounen anime to watch, they just want to see some amazing fights with powerful characters, but Fire Force is not like most anime, in fact, it’s actually more unique than you’d think!

Is Fire Force Season 2 worth watching?

No spoilers- Fire force season two was just as visually stunning, impactful, and creative as the first. David Productions did an amazing job creating and maintaining the anime's unique style, and further built upon its elements in this season. However this season fell flat for arguably its plot alone.

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