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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the anime Detective Conan ever end?

As mentioned before, the last few parts of the series are already mostly done and locked up in the home safe of the author. Thus, it is not probable that Detective Conan will go on for any more than five years at a very maximum, but it might not hurt to continue hoping that it never ends.

Where to watch Detective Conan?

Watch Detective Conan Episode 1014 Online at Anime-Planet. While walking through a residential neighborhood in Beika City, Conan and Kogoro come across a crowd of police and onlookers in front of a mansion. The mansion is the home of popular novelist Tawake Shintaro, who was found shot dead.

How to watch Detective Conan?

So, How to Watch Detective Conan? The easiest and most preferable method is to go for the canon episodes. You can easily swim past the fillers, movies, and OVAs and watch the original, straight out of the manga episodes.

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