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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best anime shops in Osaka?

As an "anime street" lined with anime and character goods stores, Akihabara in Tokyo is well known among anime and manga fans, but if you're ever in Osaka, we recommend visiting Nipponbashi. Here are our ten top shops for anime fans in the area!

Where can I buy anime figures in Japan?

About Solaris Japan. Founded in 2008 in Tokyo, Solaris Japan has been a leading international anime store and retailer for Japanese anime figures, Figma and Nendoroid.

What can you find in the Tokyo Anime Store?

At this store, with its concept of "Life + Characters," you'll find character goods from all sorts of famous anime, such as "One Piece," "Dragonball," and "Gundam," and on the second floor there are there is a wide range of cosplay and dolls goods.

What is the name of the Japanese hobby shop?

Jungle is a comprehensive entertainment hobby shop in Osaka Nihonbashi, Tokyo Akihabara, Kyushu Kokura of Japan. It sells mail order used commodity such as figure, toys, games, cosplay! Back to TOPPAGE MAIN PAGE About JUNGLE

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