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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to watch BL?

As a serious rival to YouTube, Dailymotion is another good site to watch BL drama online free. You can find on Dailymotion a lot of Asian BL series for free streaming. Some of these BL dramas are provided by official channels like GMMTV, but many others are uploaded by unofficial channels like BL Series HD (uploads BL dramas every day), and you are hence more likely to explore more BL series easily.

What does BL mean in anime?

BL - Meaning in Anime. In most cases, a BL doujinshi will feature a "ship," a gay couple of two male characters of a given series. Generally, this couple of male characters are not gay in the original story, and the BL fiction just sort of makes them gay because someone wanted to see the two of them kissing, dating, and doing gay stuff.

Where can you read manga?

There’s a website called Read Manga Online ( where you can read manga online for free. But you say that you want to read it ‘raw,’ so that must mean that you want to read manga comic books, directly from their primary source, and hold them in your hands.

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