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Frequently Asked Questions

Which kissanime website is real?

Previously KissAnime’s official website was but it’s now closed. You can use which is now become the official KissAnime website which is the real web address of KissAnime. All other sources are fake therefore be aware of other web pages that are not true and contains more virus which can destroy your devices.

Is all anime based off manga?

No, not all anime is based on manga. Manga can also be original work or based off of something else. Howl's Moving Castle was based off a Western novel. Neon Genesis Evangelion was an original work, although a manga was later made.

What channel is the Anime Network on?

Another option for anime on DirecTV is Cartoon Network on channel 296. In 2012, Cartoon Network revived its popular Toonami programming block, which features a variety of action-oriented animation and includes a high proportion of anime in its lineup.

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