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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the creator of Kiznaiver anime?

Kiznaiver (キズナイーバー, Kizunaībā) is a 2016 Japanese anime television series produced by Trigger, Aniplex, and Crunchyroll and written by Mari Okada. The series features character designs by Shirow Miwa.

What is a Kiznaiver?

One high school boy living there, Katsuhira Agata, is somehow unable to feel any pain. One day just before the start of summer break, Katsuhira is called by a mysterious girl named Noriko Sonozaki and chosen to become one of a group of people who share one another's pain: a "Kiznaiver."

Why is Kiznaiver considered a bad anime?

Because, make no mistake, Kiznaiver is not a bad anime. It's just an immensely disappointing one. If you don't know what state your wounds are in, or where you're hurting; if you don't know that for yourself, then there's no point in trying to share it with others is there?

How many episodes of Kiznaiver anime are there?

Not much is known about him, and he rarely attends his classes, but when he does, he wears tattered gym clothing instead of his uniform. The Kiznaiver anime series has a total of 12 episodes, and ran from April 9 to June 25, 2016.

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