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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a season 2 of one room anime?

A second season of the One Room anime television series began airing on July 2, 2018, and finished on September 25, 2018. However, it was announced that Zero-G will replace Typhoon Graphics as the animation studio.

What is the difference between one room and other harem anime?

The difference between One Room and every other harem anime is that other studios present their MC, and say, “This is a general impression of what we think our viewers are”; on the other hand, when Studio TYPHOON presents their MC, it’s as if they’re saying, “This is a representation of you.”

What is the genre of one room?

Like every other work belonging to the harem genre, One Room is about a self-insert protagonist (read: a one-dimensional, vaguely likable cardboard cutout of a high school student with a lack of assertiveness) and his attempts to aid the women in his life.

Is one room first person or third person?

One Room is presented as a first-person narrative; the audience is the male protagonist. The anime has three different stories/routes, each with a different girl, in one room. The anime aired from January 11 to March 29, 2017.

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