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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anime based on a real life story?

There’s no way a story about three spirit penguins is an example of anime inspired by real events, right? Wrong! Mawaru Penguindrum indeed has a basis in reality and a quite sobering one at that. But Penguindrum isn’t alone. In fact, there’s quite a bit of anime that’s surprisingly based on a true story, so let’s check some out.

What is the anime that reflect real life?

“What are the anime that reflect real life?” “Hataraki Man” reflects real and personal life of Hiroko (main character) to some degree pretty accurately. Synopsis: “Hiroko Matsukata is a woman who works for a magazine company.

How to make a real life anime Beyblade Stadium?

While there is no official size for a Beyblade stadium, most stadiums are roughly 12-24 inches (30-61 cm) in diameter. Use a round, plastic plate or flip a large frisbee over to use it as a simple playing surface. Beyblade Stadium DIY From Scratch. This is easy, cheap, and quick to make. All you need is cardboard and glue.

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