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Frequently Asked Questions

What is helltaker?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Helltaker is a freeware indie puzzle - adventure game with dating sim elements designed by Polish developer Łukasz Piskorz, also known as vanripper.

Is helltaker free to play?

According to Piskorz, Helltaker is somewhat reminiscent of the Leisure Suit Larry video game series, as the main characters of both games have characteristics reminiscent of each other. The game can be played for free, and an art book and the recipe for the pancakes that appear in the game are sold separately.

What happened to the helltaker at the end of Demon Slayer?

At the end of the game, he replaces his suit jacket with a black apron with "SATAN" written in white while he cooks pancakes. Upon waking up from a vivid dream about having a harem of demon girls, The Helltaker decided he would venture down into Hell to build a demon harem in the real world.

What does Beelzebub look like in helltaker?

Beelzebub is the first character encountered in Helltaker, and has two forms. Her humanoid form has, like most demons, white hair and crimson irises with a cloved tail, with white horns and what appear to be chitin spikes jutting through her hair.

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