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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hello Nurse's real name?

Heloise Nerz, better known as Hello Nurse is the buxom studio medic, over whom Yakko and Wakko continually fawn. Her voice actress is Tress MacNeille who also voices Dot . Animation Cel of her with Yakko and Wakko in the "Hello Nurse" song by Akom.

Is Hello Nurse in the Hello Again Nurse 2020 revival?

Hello Nurse has yet to physically appear in the 2020 series, but she is mentioned in two episodes. In Episode 10 of the revival, the Russians parody Hello Nurse as "Female Medical Professional," and Dot asks, "Is that supposed to be Hello Nurse?"

Who is Hello Nurse in Wakko's wish?

It remained unknown until 2020, when Tom Ruegger revealed it to be “Heloise Nerz”. Her character is called Hello Nurse because Yakko and Wakko address her as such. In the film Wakko's Wish, she and Dr. Scratchansniff were friends and had a working relationship as she's always seen by his side.

Who is Hello Nurse's Minerva Mink?

Hello Nurse appeared in dozens of episodes throughout the series' lifespan. Minerva Mink was another sexy female character, but unlike Hello Nurse, Minerva gave writers, animators, and producers second thoughts. According to show creator, Tom Ruegger, the character originated from a well-meaning place.

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