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Frequently Asked Questions

What does headpat mean in anime?

Headpat or Head Pat refers to an action of physically expressing of affection towards another person by gently stroking their head. Often appearing in manga and anime, the gesture became a notable meme in the anime community, with the headpat being associated with the feelings of wholesome affection, usually without sexual attraction.

Is it possible to get a head Pat in anime?

That kind of situation only works in anime, though. In real Japan, head pats are rare to begin with—and carry no sexual subtext whatsoever. Which brings us to the small but somewhat present cultural part. Speaking in general tendencies, real Japan is a comparably “hands off” culture, with quite a lot of inviolable personal space around people.

What is the headpat meme?

The headpat meme is closely associated with the "protection" meme and is generally regarded as the opposite of lewding. Additionally, depicting characters, especially anime girls, being patted on the head, is popular in fan art.

What does patting a baby’s head mean?

I’ve seen little Japanese children pat a baby’s head. That’s part of the reason why the “head pat” thing became a trope in anime. It’s meant to be a happy, positive gesture, and gestures are one of many things that get exaggerated in anime.

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