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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you draw an anime head?

In the above example you can see the basic curves and shape of an anime or manga style head. To place the ears first draw a horizontal line directly though the middle of the head and then draw another line between that and the chin. Draw the ears between these two lines.

Do anime heads look like human heads?

More than usually, the head is a bit bigger than you would normally see on a human. Also, the very tip of the chin might be pointy, sharp, or very muscular. So there is a lot of variation depending on the style you are aiming for. The crucial thing to remember is that the anime and manga head and face do follow human anatomy.

How to draw boys face in anime style?

A very simple and straightforward video on how to draw boys face in anime style —starting by drawing the circle and adding the needed lines for the jaw and eyes. As you might have seen, the basics are always the same. Draw a circle and then add lines. It’s that simple, yet it isn’t when you want to draw a beautiful face.

Who is the best anime girl with red hair?

25 Best Red-Haired Anime Girls Of All Time. 1 1. Makise Kurisu. Anime: Steins; Gate. 2 2. Yoko Littner. 3 3. Maki Nishikino. 4 4. Minori Kushieda. 5 5. Stephanie Dola. More items

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