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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is the boy in the anime?

The example of the boy used in this tutorial can be around 10-15 years old. But when it comes to anime older characters can sometimes be drawing look much younger. So this type of character could also be used for drawing a high school student.

Who is the Red Haired Anime boy character?

His attractive features include his red hair that falls squarely on both sides of the face symmetrically with partial wavy hair. 13. Seijuro Akashi Our next red haired anime boy character is Akashi. He is a basketball player from the movie called, Kuroko’s Basketball.

How to draw an anime Boy’s face?

For drawing an anime boy’s face see: Draw a vertical line for the middle of the head to help you see if both sides are even. Make the top part of the head close to a circle and from there project two lines angled inwards towards the middle of the face followed by a set of curves and two more angled lines pointing further inwards.

How to draw a boy's head?

Since we are drawing a boys head we will want to draw a fairly round face as longer face make a character look older. To draw the head in the front view first draw a vertical line to help you insure that both sides are equal. Draw the top of the head close to a half-circle and from that draw two downwards lines...

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