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Frequently Asked Questions

Which anime girl has the orange hair?

Famous Anime Girl’s Orange Hairstyles. 1 1. Asuka Langley Soryu – Burnt Orange Hair. This anime girl’s flowing burnt orange hairstyle looks great partly because of the length of the hair, but ... 2 2. Chiyo Sakura – Choppy Bangs. 3 3. Fuyou Kaede – Shaggy Bob. 4 4. Kaga Kouko. 5 5. Makato Sawatari – Long Straight Hair. More items

Are there foxes in anime?

Anime represents a wide variety of animals in its shows and movies. Sometimes even imaginary beings from popular folklore or legends can be seen in anime. One of the staples and common animals which we do encounter in an anime is a fox. Yup, from fox girls to fox boys, to actual foxes. Anime has them all.

Are there any anime with kitsune (fox girl) in it?

So here is a list of anime with kitsune (fox girl) who can make you smile with their cuteness if you are having a sad day or can fill your spirit with confidence with their cheerful nature if you are having a hard day. 20. Kanokon: the girl who cried fox Kouta is a high schooler who shifts to a city to attend Kunpo High School.

What do foxes mean in Japanese folklore?

In many stories from Japanese folklore, foxes are seen causing mischief to punish those who have been greedy or boastful. A common theme found throughout these tales is that of the fox shapeshifting into the form of a beautiful woman, lost and in need of help.

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