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Frequently Asked Questions

What tennis racquet does Andy Murray play with?

While Andy Murray is a prominent celebrity with the Head Radical line of tennis racquets, his racquet is a little more unique. Contrary to popular belief, Andy Murray plays with the Head PT57A Graphene XT Radical Pro. This is NOT the Head Graphene Touch Radical Pro that Tennis Warehouse says he plays with.

How much does Murray's racquet weigh?

Like Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic, Murray uses a weighty racquet when it comes to static weight but that swing weight of 379 kg cm^2 is crazy high! You can see his full specs below. Has Murray Changed Racquet Specs During His Career?

What football team does Andy Murray support?

Murray is a supporter of Hibernian Football Club, one of the teams his grandfather represented, and Arsenal Football Club. Murray began playing tennis at the age of three when his mother Judy took him to play on the local courts.

How old is Andy Murray?

Coming from the great land of Scotland, Andy Murray was born in 1987 and played in his first grand slam at Wimbledon at the age of 18. Despite coming in ranked 374th, he made it to the 3rd round, the farthest of any Scottish tennis player that year.

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