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Frequently Asked Questions

Is American Express a good credit card company?

American Express is by far one of the most versatile card providers available. The company offers a variety of cards suited for the needs of a wide range of consumers, including basic no-annual cash back cards that are great for first-time credit holders and luxurious travel cards for high spends.

What credit cards does American Express accept?

There are many benefits in having an American Express credit card. American Express is a well-known company and their credit cards are accepted as a form of payment in many places around the world. American Express now offers their credit cards in both secured and unsecured versions.

Does American Express have a student credit card?

Most major credit card issuers offer student cards, and this can be very beneficial. American Express is one of those companies. For some students, it can be helpful to have a student card from American Express. It is worth noting, however, that American Express itself does not issue a "student" credit card.

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