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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon employ people to work from home?

Yes Amazon Customer Service department hires people who work virtually. This can be a good option for the right person who wants to work from home (e.g. stay home mom) although the upside is very limited. Here is a link to “Customer Service job” section of Amazon Job site. Some jobs have “Virtual” as part of job location.

How do I apply for Amazon work from home?

If you’re interested in applying to work from home with Amazon, go to their job search page, enter the words “work from home” in the keyword field, choose “customer service,” and “United States” and click “search.”. All Work at Home Jobs are Scams- Work at Home Myths.

What jobs are available to work from home?

Many work-from-home jobs are available in the customer service realm. Large corporations often contract smaller companies to provide phone and online customer service, and these smaller companies specifically hire home workers.

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