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Frequently Asked Questions

Does reading aloud actually help?

While reading aloud helps you stay focused on reading, it does not necessarily help you understand what you're reading. It takes more effort to say everything correctly on top of internalizing what the passage is saying. So generally your brain ends up doing the more automatic task of reciting words and you really have no idea what you just read.

Is reading aloud a helpful language activity?

When a teacher reads aloud, it can help children develop phonological awareness, which is the ability recognize the structure of language. There are students at every grade level who struggle with literacy development, so reading aloud can help them correct those deficits.

What should I read aloud?

What Should I Read Aloud? A Guide To 200 Best Selling Picture Books|Nancy A, Basic Electronics Theory With Projects and Experiments|Delton Horn, Engineering Design: An Introduction. John Karsnitz, Stephen O'Brien, John Hutchinson|John R. Karsnitz, Essential X-Men Volume 1 TPB|Suzanne Gaffney

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