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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current flag of Russia?

The Russian flag is a white, blue and red tricolour. The current version was formally adopted as the flag of Russia on 11 December 1993, but variants of the tricolor had been in use as the Russian state flag since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The tricolor was previously used as the flag of the Russian Empire.

Where can I buy a Russian flag?

History, People and Flags of Russia on Flag of the Russian Federation at Show your Russian roots with pride by purchasing an unchanging symbol of your motherland from the leading online vendor of Russian Federation flags. You can choose from the durable and affordable Online Stores Brand Superknit polyester or top quality heavyweight nylon available in a variety of sizes.

What does Russia's flag represent?

For instance: White represented freedom and independence Blue represented the Virgin Mary protecting Russia Red represented power

What are the colors of the Russian flag?

The Russian flag has three equal horizontal fields with white at the top, blue in the middle and red at the bottom. Some Russians believe that white stands for generosity, blue for loyalty and red for courage. There is no official explanation for the meaning of the colors.

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