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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different levels of body armor?

There are 5 threat levels for ballistic body armor but for most applications the two levels that are significant for soft body armor are Level II and Level IIIA. Level III and IV are for hard body armor plates designed to protect against projectiles at rifle speeds.

What is Level 3A body armor?

Level 3A Body Armor. It is light enough and thin enough that it can easily be worn underneath clothing in a covert plate carrier. 3A armor is ideal for both law enforcement officers and civilians who require more protection but do not want to be weighed down with the heavy steel of level 3 body armor.

Who makes the best body armor?

The Ordnance Body Armor is one of the best body armor manufacturers of the world. This manufacturer usually focuses on the weight of the ballistic vest. It ensures that its products are light for the users to be comfortable.

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