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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some cool things you can do with Alexa?

The Amazon Echo, Amazon EchoDot and Amazon Tap let owners do hundreds of cool things using Alexa voice commands. Users can play music, listen to audio books, and get the news of the day to name a few popular ones.

Is Amazon Alexa good for kids?

Alexa can offer your kids an interactive, screen-less alternative to mobile games and social media, to help prevent them from becoming too dependent . While many parents criticize their teens for using their phones in lieu of face-to-face interactions, Alexa encourages conversational skills.

What games does Alexa Play?

Alexa is capable of playing several games with you—or your kids. You can play Bingo, Simon Says and even Jeopardy. You can also play quizzes such as the capital and "Star Wars" quiz. Just ask, "Alexa, let's play [title of the game].".

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